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Drawing for you


So, I was drawing a pic of a bound and gagged Obi-Wan, and then I remembered running across this community. I figured you guys would have as much interest in it as anyone.

Drew this, inked it, and colored it with Prismacolors. Note: even though Obi-Wan here is a padawan, he is of legal age, so imagine whatever you want.


Not my best work, but then again, I was just messing around. Enjoy.

Note: My scanner? Totally ate up the color brightness levels.
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Nicely done! I'm honestly terrified of color, myself. Just used to working without it.

Quite a pickle our dear boy is in, ne?
Thanks! I'm not much one for color either, but I'm making myself get used to it.

When I draw Obi-Wan, 99% of the time he is in a pickle. :)
When I draw Obi-Wan, 99% of the time he is in a pickle.

See, I could tell I was going to like you ;D I look forward to more.

Also, you've reminded me that the only way to get comfy with color is to DO it, so maybe I'll give it a go.
Go for it! I figured out that, even if your color scheme is terrible, the key to nice colors is saturation- make sure you can't see any white paper/canvas poking through. This is true for paint, markers, colored pencils, and everything else.
I appreciate the advice because I'm really quite intimidated by the idea. *blush* I'd also like to apologize for talking shop -- I replied through my email and failed to notice that this was the Bound Ewan community. (I didn't pay attention and thought it was Jedi Arse, which is more of a place for artists to gab.) Not quite as embarrassing as when I sent feedback to the person who posted a fic to the FIC list instead of the actual author >_<
Oops! sorry, didn't mean to chat against the rules!
I don't think it's against the rules... I just meant that you might want to check out jedi_arse for more arty goodness. :)
Ooh, very pretty indeed. Love the delicate bruising. :)
Thank you! It was fun to draw.
I don't know how I missed this when you posted it! I love it. Quite delicious :o)