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FIC: Sapling

Title: Sapling
Author: Lorraine, blucola
Pairing: O/X (sort of)
Category: Torture, mutilation, bondage
Rating: R
Summary: Obi-Wan lies in the grass, waiting
Note: Don't ask me where this came from, it's a bit extreme for me in what is implied. But hey, enjoy!


The young man lay staked out in the wet grass, blades of the green vegetation slicing fine lines into his skin. He had been there for some time and with each shift of the breeze, new cuts would form along his legs and arms and even across his chest.

His hands and ankles were bound tightly to strong, yet flexible saplings. So along with the swaying he grass he had the pain of wrenched tendons and muscles as the young trees moved with the wind.

The tears had long since dried on his cheeks. He had given up hope during the night when the cold and damp had settled into his bones. The throbbing in his groin had finally subsided, although it could easily start up if he looked up at the cord that bound his testicles and cock. A cord that stretched to the tip of one of the saplings that surrounded him.

He was caught, well and truly. A shadow passed over him. Obi-Wan Kenobi looked up into the eyes of his nemesis.

"Xanatos," he croaked and tried to swallow. He wanted to ask why, why any of this, but Xanatos was doing something to the cord that was tied to his private parts. Slowly and wordlessly Xanatos worked, shortening the length of the cord until only a few feet of it stretched between Obi-Wan's most tender region and the tip of the tree.

He didn't even look at Obi-Wan as the tortured man tried to beg, "no...no..." before he let the tree spring from beneath his fingertips. But he did smile as he walked away at the single high-pitched scream that rent the meadow.
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