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Tied up and loving it...

Found these pics recently at ewanonline - it's from a special edition dvd of Trainspotting...

thought it belonged here...

i wonder if his expression would remain the same if a train actually approached!!!! or worse still, stray dogs.... but I digress...


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Mmm... Rents all tied up. *lets her imagination run through all the possibilities*
stray dogs/fans?
little bitches... *cough cough*
you NEVER dissappoint.
you flatter me! *have another margharita... go on*
lol. i promised sara i wouldn't drink tonight.
dispite the drugged out look ewan sports here, hes just too hott for words. OMG.
either im having an orgasm RIGHT NOW, or i just had a brain anurism. i love him...and tied up...even better.
join the club!!! LOL!!!